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Audience Segmentation, a Celebration!

I am often asked if I prefer SEO over paid advertising and the truth is I don’t lean favorably in either direction.   They are like my two children with overlapping similarities but each unique in their own way.  I love them both and it would be impossible to pick one over the other.   SEO is like the patient and quiet child who keeps to himself while SEM is full of energy and likes to run around the house keeping me on my toes.  Search Engine Optimization is a lot like gardening.  You spend all this time planting seeds, nurturing the soil, watering it and then one day you see sprouts of green coming to the surface.  That moment when you see your hard work finally paying off is so gratifying.  SEO is much the same.  You research keywords and find a golden opportunity with one in particular that gets a considerable amount of search volume but has minimal competition in the SERPS.  You put your heart and soul into a piece of content.  You make it interesting and unique and strategically insert keywords in all the right places.  Then you put it out there.. in the vast wonderland of the world wide web.   You check in on it periodically to see how it’s faring out there on its own.   You gradually see it picking up its own organic links and then that day comes when that piece of content that you worked so hard on makes its way to page one of Google.  That feeling of accomplishment can be a pretty amazing thing and it gets even better when that page monopolizes the top of the SERPS for years to come.   SEO is really the gift that keeps on giving!

But one thing that SEM has over SEO is the power of audience segmentation.  Keywords are a signal related to the mindset of the user but they are one-dimensional.  SEO is about what they are searching for not who is doing the searching.   Organic doesn’t give the advertiser the ability to boost visibility for certain affinities or to block ads from certain pieces of the Google Household Income spectrum.  As a consumer, I must admit, I am always a little creeped out when I get an ad related to something I was researching only a few moments earlier.  As a marketer, though, it’s really exciting to have that power of precision.

In the last few years advertising platforms have offered new ways of segmenting audiences.  After the Microsoft acquisition of LinkedIn, Bing integrated the ability to target audiences based on their industry, title and company, data which is pulled directly from their LinkedIn profiles.  Both Google and Bing offer custom audience segmentation that can import segments from your company’s Data Management Platform (DMP) so you can get even more granular in your targeting and more personalized in your advertising messaging.  With custom audiences you can segment by purchase history, loyal customers, first-time buyers—whatever parameters are available to you through the data you own.  And if you really want to amp up your on-site segmentation efforts, there are behavioral targeting platforms like Dynamic Yield, Adobe Target and Evergage which provide on-site personalization.  These platforms capture user information along various touchpoints of their on-site journey which result in user profiles with customized messaging.  This is especially valuable for sites with a high volume of repeat users.  But that’s a topic for another blog post.  This one is all about the power of advertising audience segmentation and offsite messaging.

Through Google you can target affinity segments so if you are a travel company, you can put your ads in front of people who have a fondness for traveling.  If you are a travel company that specializes in specific destinations  You can drill down via in-market segments to target people who are actively looking to visit those destinations.  The in-market Gods are like the adult Santa Clause.  They know when you’ve been searching for a car and what type of car you’ve been searching for.  They know if you’re pregnant, getting married, moving.  The list goes on.  Of course, personal data is a sticky subject these days with GDPR and California’s Privacy Act so let’s hope these valuable marketing tools are here to stay.

Are you harnessing the power of audience segmentation that both the Google and Bing ad platforms offer?  If not, you really should be.  It can work magic on underforming campaigns.  To get you started, below is a list of all the in-market segments currently available through Google Ads.  Happy Segmenting!

Google Ads In-Market Audiences

Apparel Accessories


Running Apparel

Yoga Apparel




Formal Wear

Bridal Wear

Suits & Business Attire


Jewelry & Watches

Fine Jewelry



Wedding & Engagement Rings



Men’s Apparel



Athletic Shoes


Dress Shoes




Wallets, Briefcases & Leather Goods

Women’s Apparel

Arts Crafts Supplies

Autos Vehicles

Auto Parts  Accessories

Auto Exterior Parts  Accessories

Auto Interior Parts Accessories

Automotive Electronic Components

Car Batteries

Car Brakes

Engine Transmission

High Performance Aftermarket Auto Parts

Wheels Tires

Auto Repair Maintenance

Brake Service Repair

Collision Auto Body Repair

Glass Repair Replacement

Oil Changes

Transmission Repair

Motor Vehicles

Motor Vehicles New

Motor Vehicles Used

Motor Vehicles by Brand


Alfa Romeo



















Land Rover





Mercedes Benz






Ram Trucks






Tesla Motors


Vauxhall Opel



Motor Vehicles by Type

Classic Vehicles

Compact Cars

Compact Cars New

Compact Cars Used


Convertibles New

Convertibles Used


Coupes New

Coupes Used


Crossovers New

Crossovers Used

Diesel Vehicles

Diesel Vehicles New

Diesel Vehicles Used


Hatchbacks New

Hatchbacks Used

Hybrid Alternative Vehicles

Hybrid Alternative Vehicles New

Hybrid Alternative Vehicles Used

Luxury Vehicles

Luxury Vehicles New

Luxury Vehicles Used

Microcars Subcompacts

Microcars Subcompacts New

Microcars Subcompacts Used


Motorcycles New

Motorcycles Used

Off-Road Vehicles

Off-Road Vehicles New

Off-Road Vehicles Used

Pickup Trucks

Pickup Trucks New

Pickup Trucks Used


SUVs New

SUVs Used

Scooters Mopeds

Scooters Mopeds New

Scooters Mopeds Used


Sedans New

Sedans Used

Sports Cars

Sports Cars New

Sports Cars Used

Station Wagons

Station Wagons New

Station Wagons Used

Vans Minivans

Vans Minivans New

Vans Minivans Used

Vehicles Other

Bicycles Accessories

Boats Watercraft

Campers RVs

Commercial Vehicles

Baby Children’s Products

Baby Children’s Apparel

Baby Toddler Apparel

Children’s Apparel

Child Car Seats

Childcare Education


Early Childhood Education

Diapers Baby Hygiene Products

Infant  Toddler Feeding

Infant Feeding Supplies

Toddler Meals

Strollers Baby Carriages

Toys Games

Beauty Products  Services

Bath Body Products

Hair Care Products

Makeup Cosmetics

Eye Makeup

Face Makeup

Lip Makeup

Nail Care Products

Perfumes  Fragrances

Skin Care Products

Face Lotions Moisturizers

Facial Cleansers Makeup Removers

Spas Beauty Services

Manicures  Pedicures

Tanning  Sun Care Products

Business Industrial Products

Business Services

Advertising  Marketing Services

Email Marketing Services

SEO / SEM Services

Business Financial Services

Business Printing Document Services

Business Technology

Enterprise Software

CRM Solutions

Collaboration Conferencing Tools

ERP Solutions

Helpdesk Customer Support Solutions

Network Systems Services

Hosted Data Cloud Storage

Network Enterprise Security

Network Equipment Virtualization

Network Management

Web Services

Domain Registration

Web Design Development

Web Hosting

Corporate Event Planning

Office Supplies

Office Furniture

Payment Processing Merchant Services

Payroll Services

Physical Security Access Control

Staffing Recruitment Services

Computers  Peripherals

Computer Accessories  Components

Computer Monitors

Memory  Storage


Desktop Computers

Laptops Notebooks

Tablets Ultraportable Devices

Printers Scanners Faxes

Consumer Electronics


Car Audio

Headphones Headsets

Pro Musician DJ Equipment


Stereo Systems



Camera Lenses

Digital SLRs

Game Consoles

Nintendo Consoles

Sony PlayStation


Home Theater Systems

Mobile Phone Accessories

Mobile Phones


Dating Services/ Education

Foreign Language Study

Post-Secondary Education

Arts Design Education

Business Education

Cosmetology Education Training

Health Care Education

Nursing Education

Technology Education

Primary Secondary Schools K-12

Study Abroad Programs

Test Preparation Tutoring


Accounting Finance Jobs

Career Consulting Services

Clerical Administrative Jobs

Education Jobs

Executive Management Jobs

Government Public Sector Jobs

Health Medical Jobs

IT Technical Jobs


Legal Jobs

Resumes Portfolios

Retail Jobs

Sales  Marketing Jobs

Temporary  Seasonal Jobs

Event Tickets

Concert Music Festival Tickets

Performing Arts Tickets

Broadway Theater Tickets

Sports Tickets

American Football Tickets

Baseball Tickets

Basketball Tickets

Hockey Tickets

Soccer Tickets

Financial Services

Banking Services

Debit Checking Services

Savings Accounts

Credit Lending

Auto Loans

Business Loans

Credit Cards

Credit Reports Monitoring Services


Home Equity Loans

Home Purchase Loans

Mortgage Refinancing

Personal Loans

Student Loans

Financial Planning

Estate Planning

Retirement Planning


Auto Insurance

Health Insurance

Home Insurance

Life Insurance

Travel Insurance

Investment Services

Tax Services


Baked Goods

Candy Chocolate

Gifts Occasions


Gift Baskets

Holiday Items Decorations

Christmas Items Decor

Halloween Items Decor

Valentine’s Day Items Decor

Party Supplies Planning

Event Planning Services

Party Supplies

Personalized Gifts

Photo Video Services

Event Photographers Studios

Photo Printing Services

Wedding Planning

Home & Garden

Cookware Bakeware

Home Garden Services

Architectural Services

Carpet Installation

Door Window Installation

Electrician Services

Flooring Services

General Contracting Remodeling Services

Home Cleaning Services

Home Inspection Services

Interior Design Decorating Services

Landscape Design

Lawn Garden Maintenance

Locksmith Services

Painting Services

Pest Control Services

Plumbing Services

Roofing Services

Home Appliances

Climate Control Appliances

Cooking Ranges Stoves


Kitchen Appliance Accessories



Small Appliances

Coffee Espresso Makers

Juicers Blenders



Washers Dryers

Home Decor


Curtains Window Treatments

Fine Art


Lights Fixtures

Ceiling Light Fixtures

Rugs Carpets

Home Furnishings


Beds Bed Frames


Home Office

Home Storage Shelving

Kitchen Dining Room

Kitchen Dining Room Tables

Living Room


Home Improvement


Kitchen Bathroom Cabinets

Kitchen Bathroom Counters


Plumbing Fixture Hardware  Parts

Plumbing Fixtures

Power  Electrical Supplies


Home Security

Household Supplies

Household Cleaning Supplies

Outdoor Items

BBQs Grills

Garden Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor Furniture Sets

Garden Sheds  Outdoor Structures

Lawn Care Gardening Supplies

Lawn Mowers

Pools Spas

Pet Supplies




DVDs Videos

Video Games

Musical Instruments & Accessories

Real Estate

Commercial Properties

Commercial Properties For Rent

Commercial Properties For Sale

Moving  Relocation

Residential Properties

Residential Properties For Rent

Apartments For Rent

Furnished Apartments

Unfurnished Apartments

Houses For Rent

Residential Properties For Sale

Apartments For Sale

New Apartments For Sale

Preowned Apartments For Sale

Houses For Sale

New Houses For Sale

Preowned Houses For Sale


Antivirus  Security Software

Audio  Music Software

Business  Productivity Software

Design Software

Drawing  Animation Software

Photo Software

Tax  Accounting Software

Video Software

Sports & Fitness

Fitness Products Services

Exercise Equipment

Weights Strength Training Equipment

Fitness Classes  Personal Training Services

Gyms Athletic Clubs

Outdoor Recreational Equipment

Camping Hiking Equipment

Fishing Equipment

Sporting Goods

Baseball Equipment

Golf Equipment

Hockey Equipment

Skateboarding Equipment

Soccer Equipment

Water Activities Equipment Accessories

Winter Sports Equipment Accessories


Cable Satellite TV Providers

Internet Service Providers

Mobile Phone Service Providers


Air Travel

Air Travel by Class

Business  First Class

Economy Class

Bus  Rail Travel

Car Rental

Economy Compact  Mid-size Car Rental

Full-size  Standard Car Rental

Luxury Convertible  Specialty Car Rental

Minivan SUV Rental


Hotels  Accommodations

Hotels by Star Rating

1  2 Star Hotels

3 Star Hotels

4 Star Hotels

5 Star Hotels

Vacation Rentals

Trips by Destination

Trips to Asia-Pacific

Trips to Australia

Trips to Brisbane

Trips to Melbourne

Trips to Perth

Trips to Sydney

Trips to China

Trips to Beijing

Trips to Chengdu

Trips to Guangzhou

Trips to Shanghai

Trips to Hong Kong

Trips to India

Trips to Ahmedabad

Trips to Bangalore

Trips to Chennai

Trips to Delhi

Trips to Goa

Trips to Hyderabad

Trips to Jaipur

Trips to Kochi India

Trips to Kolkata

Trips to Mumbai

Trips to Pune

Trips to Indonesia

Trips to Bali

Trips to Bandung

Trips to Jakarta

Trips to Japan

Trips to Fukuoka

Trips to Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe

Trips to Nagoya

Trips to Okinawa

Trips to Sapporo

Trips to Tokyo

Trips to Malaysia

Trips to Kuala Lumpur

Trips to Penang

Trips to Nepal

Trips to New Zealand

Trips to Seoul

Trips to Singapore

Trips to Sri Lanka

Trips to Taipei

Trips to Thailand

Trips to Bangkok

Trips to Chiang Mai

Trips to Phuket

Trips to Vietnam

Trips to Hanoi

Trips to Ho Chi Minh City

Trips to the Philippines

Trips to Europe

Trips to Amsterdam

Trips to Brussels

Trips to Croatia

Trips to Denmark

Trips to Copenhagen

Trips to France

Trips to Bordeaux

Trips to Lyon

Trips to Marseille

Trips to Nice

Trips to Paris

Trips to Toulouse

Trips to Germany

Trips to Berlin

Trips to Cologne

Trips to Dusseldorf

Trips to Frankfurt

Trips to Hamburg

Trips to Munich

Trips to Stuttgart

Trips to Greece

Trips to Helsinki

Trips to Hungary

Trips to Budapest

Trips to Iceland

Trips to Ireland

Trips to Dublin

Trips to Italy

Trips to Bologna

Trips to Florence

Trips to Milan

Trips to Naples

Trips to Rome

Trips to Sicily

Trips to Venice

Trips to Kiev

Trips to Malta

Trips to Moscow

Trips to Oslo

Trips to Poland

Trips to Krakow

Trips to Warsaw

Trips to Portugal

Trips to Faro

Trips to Lisbon

Trips to Porto

Trips to Prague

Trips to Romania

Trips to Sofia

Trips to Spain

Trips to Alicante

Trips to Barcelona

Trips to Bilbao

Trips to Cordoba

Trips to Granada

Trips to Madrid

Trips to Malaga

Trips to Mallorca Ibiza  Balearic Islands

Trips to Seville

Trips to Valencia

Trips to the Canary Islands

Trips to StÆ Petersburg

Trips to Sweden

Trips to Stockholm

Trips to Switzerland

Trips to Geneva

Trips to Zurich

Trips to Turkey

Trips to Ankara

Trips to Antalya

Trips to Istanbul

Trips to Izmir

Trips to Vienna

Trips to the UK

Trips to Birmingham UK

Trips to Edinburgh

Trips to Glasgow

Trips to London UK

Trips to Manchester UK

Trips to Latin America

Trips to Bogota

Trips to Brazil

Trips to Rio de Janeiro

Trips to Salvador

Trips to São Paulo

Trips to Buenos Aires

Trips to Costa Rica

Trips to Guatemala

Trips to Lima

Trips to Mexico

Trips to Acapulco

Trips to Cancun  Playa del Carmen

Trips to Guadalajara

Trips to Los Cabos

Trips to Mexico City

Trips to Monterrey

Trips to Puerto Vallarta

Trips to Panama

Trips to Santiago

Trips to the Caribbean

Trips to Aruba

Trips to Cuba

Trips to Jamaica

Trips to Nassau

Trips to Puerto Rico

Trips to the Dominican Republic

Trips to North America

Trips to Canada

Trips to Calgary

Trips to Montreal

Trips to Ottawa

Trips to Toronto

Trips to Vancouver

Trips to the US

Trips to Alaska

Trips to Albuquerque

Trips to Atlanta

Trips to Atlantic City

Trips to Austin

Trips to Baltimore

Trips to Birmingham AL

Trips to Boston

Trips to Buffalo-Rochester Area

Trips to California

Trips to Los Angeles

Trips to Orange County CA

Trips to San Diego

Trips to San Francisco Bay Area

Trips to Charleston SC

Trips to Charlotte

Trips to Chicago

Trips to Cincinnati

Trips to Cleveland

Trips to Columbus

Trips to Dallas-Fort Worth

Trips to Denver

Trips to Detroit

Trips to Florida

Trips to Fort Lauderdale

Trips to Fort Myers

Trips to Jacksonville

Trips to Key West

Trips to Miami

Trips to Orlando

Trips to Pensacola

Trips to Tampa Bay Area

Trips to Gatlinburg

Trips to Greenville SC

Trips to Hartford

Trips to Hawaii

Trips to Maui

Trips to Oahu

Trips to the Big Island

Trips to Houston

Trips to Indianapolis

Trips to Kansas City

Trips to Las Vegas

Trips to Little Rock

Trips to Louisville

Trips to Memphis

Trips to Milwaukee

Trips to Minneapolis-Saint Paul

Trips to Myrtle Beach  Grand Strand

Trips to Nashville

Trips to New Orleans

Trips to New York City

Trips to Norfolk-Virginia Beach Region

Trips to Ocean City MD

Trips to Oklahoma City

Trips to Omaha

Trips to Philadelphia

Trips to Phoenix

Trips to Pittsburgh

Trips to Portland OR

Trips to Raleigh-Durham Area

Trips to Reno

Trips to Richmond VA

Trips to Salt Lake City

Trips to San Antonio

Trips to Savannah

Trips to Seattle

Trips to StÆ Louis

Trips to Tucson

Trips to Washington DÆCÆ

Trips to the Middle East /Africa

Trips to Doha

Trips to Egypt

Trips to Israel

Trips to Jeddah

Trips to Jordan

Trips to Kenya

Trips to Kuwait

Trips to Lebanon

Trips to Morocco

Trips to Riyadh

Trips to South Africa

Trips to Cape Town

Trips to Johannesburg

Trips to Tehran

Trips to the United Arab Emirates

Trips to Abu Dhabi

Trips to Dubai


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