Email marketing is a golden channel since subscribers are people who requested to be contacted.  These are low funnel prospects since they are already familiar with your brand and are either existing customers or know enough about your business where they are strongly considering becoming one.  What’s tricky with email marketing is that people can be finicky.    What they’re excited about one day, they may feel lackluster about the next.  This is why it’s important to not send too many emails where you annoy prospects but enough where you keep them engaged and interested in your brand.    You also want to make sure to send an email with a message that resonates with them.  

One of the biggest problems in eCommerce email marketing is sending the same message to the full list of subscribers.   Unless it’s a sitewide discount, you can be sure it won’t appeal to every single subscriber.  CAN-SPAM laws make email service providers adhere to extremely stringent regulations. Sending too many emails that get marked as spam will result in your account being shut down by the provider and getting back up and running isn’t ever any fun.

This is why it’s important that email is handled like the delicate but valuable channel that it is.  Need some help navigating through the do’s and don’ts of email marketing?   Let Magic Touch Media help with your list segmentation and email strategy.  

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