Search Engine Marketing

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and while it’s considered “performance marketing”, it is in a class on its own. SEM typically includes any sort of advertising where the user is actively searching for something; although the term “SEM” tends to cover channels outside of paid search that exist in the Google Ads platform.   YouTube, the Google Display Network, Google Shopping and app ads are all under the Google Ads umbrella.

The beauty of the Google ads platform is that you can target users in every stage of the buyer’s journey and in some use cases, can even import offline data for optimization purposes.  Microsoft ads is also aggressively evolving to get Bing out from under the behemoth’s shadow. 

SEM is both an art and a science. To efficiently drive profit through SEM channels, you need to understand the auction process and how the competitive landscape influences certain metrics that ultimately impact what you pay.  Otherwise, you can throw away a lot of money in Google Ads.

Ready to make SEM work for you? Look no further than Magic Touch Media. We are bonafide search geeks with a thirst for all things SEM.

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