Maximize Your Social Media Presence

A social media presence is fundamental to every brand. It goes a lot farther than simply increasing “likes” or “followers”. Social media is about engagement. Having a solid organic optimization strategy paired with a targeted ad campaign strategy is the optimal formula for social media success. One helps you get to know your audience, understand what resonates with them and keep them engaged, while the other helps you build on your audience and put your brand in front of the right user profiles.

For many small businesses, social media is usually the area that gets the least love. Business owners see it as a waste of time, don’t understand it, assume that their customers don’t use it or are afraid of the backlash risk. It’s important not to fall into this mindset. 69% of adult Americans use at least one social media platform so chances are your customers fall into the majority. Social media can help you engage and target users in all stages of the buyer’s journey, from Awareness to Loyalty.

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