Leslie got her start in digital marketing at the dawn of the millennium in the entertainment industry. Sony Pictures was digitizing all of their home entertainment creative assets and she was brought on as a short-term project manager. Around the same time, Leslie was hooked on this new thing called the internet and this really cool site called Alta Vista that would let her look up lyrics to music, find websites that sold books and locate these chat rooms where she could hang out with other movie buffs. She closely followed the evolution of search engines, the death of Magellan and Excite, the birth of the Google bomb and decided she just had to understand just how that was done. So began Leslie’s obsession with all things search.  Her short-term job at Sony ended up lasting five years and it gave birth to her career in the digital world.

Since then, Leslie has worked as the digital marketing lead for a number of different online companies, from retail to travel, utilizing multiple channels and always finding new and creative ways to invite traffic and optimize for conversions.  Leslie is certified in all things Google and Microsoft Advertising and likes to start her mornings with a cup of coffee and a fix of digital analytics. 

Leslie lives in Sonoma, California but works with a talented group of specialists located in regions all over the world, each with their niche of expertise in the digital space. Together they make up Magic Touch Media.



Leslie thrives on helping businesses expand their online reach and reach their full potential.  Get a free no-obligation consultation from Magic Touch Media. 

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